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Behind the Formula

The Pump

We all chase “the pump” in the gym; the muscle filling, skin tightening, vein popping fullness and vascularity that comes along with heightened nitric oxide production and vasodilatation.  Chasing the pump not only gives you a positive feeling when you look in the mirror but also can help with performance and recovery by shuttling more oxygen rich and nutrient dense blood to working muscles. 

PRE-HD ELITE contains three main ingredients that target muscle pumps from three key angles, endogenous nitric oxide enhancement, exogenous nitric oxide enhancement and cellular hydration.

L-CitrullinePRE-HD ELITE contains a powerful eight grams of 100% pure Citrulline per full serving in comparison to the standard four grams as seen in other leading pre workouts.  L-Citrulline can help to support nitric oxide production and dramatically increase muscle size, performance and recovery.  L-Citrulline has also been show to aid in accelerating ammonia clearance, helping to delay muscle fatigue and you to train harder and longer.   

Glycersize™ – Glycersize™ is a better absorbed and more stable form of Glycerol powder, yielding a minimum of 65% glycerol that can enhance muscle hydration, endurance and fullness.  Glycerol is known to pull more water into the cell giving a fuller and denser muscle belly and in combination with other key ingredients found in PRE-HD ELITE contains three grams of Glycersize™ and can give users a bigger and better muscle pump along with enhanced performance, endurance and recovery. 

S7™ – S7™ is a 100% plant based ingredient consisting of a precise dose of seven key ingredients clinically shown to increase nitric oxide levels INTERNALLY!  S7™ contains zero nitrates and was designed to help the body produce its own endogenous nitric oxide without relying on any external sources or supplementation.  The recommended dose for S7™ is 50mg but we felt the sweet spot for this ingredient in our formula was 100mg which we have chosen to include.

The Performance 

Peak performance output comes from power, strength, endurance and wellness.  Without these four things in check, our performance can be hindered and results can be limited.  PRE-HD ELITE contains a full dose of what we feel to be one of the most ground breaking and result driven Nutraceutical ingredients to come to market as of late.

PeakO2® – PeakO2® is a combination of six adaptogenic mushrooms clinically shown to help users more adequately adapt to and handle physical and mental stress as well as increase strength, power and endurance.  By increasing oxygen utilization in the body while decreasing lactate in muscles, PeakO2® delivers a powerful one-two punch in aiding in athletic performance and results safely and effectively.

The Mindset 

The right mindset can make or break a workout.  Mood, momentum, time of day and muscle trained can all impact the type of mindset you desire and must encompass to get the most out of your lift which is why PRE-HD ELITE consists of the perfect combination of nootropic enhancing and cognitive supporting ingredients to dial in your focus and intensity without the use of any caffeine of strong stimulants making PRE-HD ELITE the go to choice for those wishing to eliminate stimulants from their training or workout.

Tyrosine – Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid that is a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine and can help aid in focus, concentration and mood along with providing an overall sense of well-being. 

Lions Mane – Lions Mane is a type of mushroom extract that has recently shown promising results at enhancing cognitive performance and nootropic activity for its claimed ability to enhance nerve growth factors in the brain which in turn would enhance brain connectivity and why users may experience increased focus and attention when they use Lions Mane.

Alpha GPC and Huperzine A – The combination of these two ingredients enhances the levels of Choline within the body.  Alpha GPC can help increase the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the body which can improve brain health, cognitive performance and memory.  Huperzine A is a potent acetylcholineesterase enzyme inhibitor and can help the body slowdown the breakdown of Choline which can help lengthen and stabilize its effects. 

Bacopa Monnieri – Bacopa is a powerful ayurvedic adaptogenic herb and can provide strong neuro protective and nootropic benefits by helping protect the body and brain from oxidative stress and improving cognitive performance, energy and concentration.

ElevATP® – ElevATP® is a 100% natural ingredient consisting of precise doses of two key ingredients clinically shown to increase endogenous levels of ATP which is the fuel used as energy in all cells within the body.  ElevATP® is also clinically shown to increase lean muscle and strength, improve force output and training volume and help improve athletic performance and body composition. 

Astragin® – Each full serving of PRE-HD ELITE contains 50mg of Astragin® to enhance absorption of this powerful formula.