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When I initially heard HD Muscle was releasing an all-in-one multi vitamin I felt two things…

One; excited - because I know Dorian personally puts a heavy emphasis into the nutrition and well being of himself and this athletes; so I had a hunch this product was going to be loaded with literally everything an athlete would need.

And two… kinda skeptical! I say this because I have never come across a multi vitamin that actually carried the weight that a multi vitamin should carry. After looking it over I was really impressed!

The three things that really impressed me were:

They included Spectra Total ORAC Blend – It’s a full spectrum antioxidant formula that is 100% plant based. It’s like taking a bunch of fruits and vegetable extracts to reduce free radicals and support antioxidant activity in the body and mixing it all together.

They also included a vitamin-like compound known as PQQ – the full name* is super long and I suck at pronouncing it but PQQ benefits the brain and body mainly by helping our Mitochondria. It helps combat mitochondria dysfunction and oxidative stress which is actually a big factor of health concerns related to aging.
*Pyrroloquinoline quinone

Lastly it contains Ubiquinol which is a form of CO-Q-10 (this form has not been oxidized). It supports a healthy cardiovascular system so it’s great for heart health. If you’re a bodybuilder or an athlete you know how important it is to take care of your heart.

Everyone from bodybuilder to occasional gym goer can benefit from this product. Coming from someone who believes in getting as much nutrition from whole foods as possible, I still take VITA HD everyday and recommend it to my friends, family, and clients. Health first - always!

I’ve used glucose disposal agents before but GLYCO-HD is unique in that it targets multiple pathways within the body when it comes to helping in glucose uptake, insulin regulations and partitioning carbohydrates to the muscle cell.

When you eat a meal containing a good amount of carbohydrates you want the body to breakdown and absorb nutrients as efficiently as possible. Having the body shuttle these carbohydrates to the muscles and limit the storage of fat is the end goal. Taking GLYCO HD helps with this process. I find that it helps regulate blood glucose levels and insulin metabolism within the body. Whether you take it only with cheat meals or with your every day higher carb meal - you’re helping your body in partitioning those carbohydrates where you want them… in the muscle.

When it comes to certain products I really look for factors that set them apart from the general ones on the market. It seems like every supplement company out there has an EAA product so being the nerd I am… I look for why one is better than the other!
If you’re using another EAA product… I hate to break it to you… INTRA HD is likely superior. Hear me out! INTRA HD contains ten grams of all nine essential amino acids AND it contains some added benefits that the run of the mill EAA’s do not.

ONE: It contains Coconut Water Powder Extract which is pretty much nature’s super food when it comes to electrolytes for hydration and recovery.

TWO: It also contains something called PeakO2. This is a combination of six adaptogenic mushrooms! This helps your body adapt to and handle physical and mental stress. Working out is definitely considered a stressor to the body so getting assistance in handling this stressor definitely helps in recovery and all around wellness.

THREE: It contains a trademarked ingredient called Vitacherry. This is a form of whole tart cherry extract that has been shown to help protect against DOMS and aid in recovery.
So when weigh the pros and cons of why should buy product A over product B, it comes down to what is this product offering to my body? And how can it help my workouts and recovery? I personally take one scoop of INTRA HD during my workouts and then 1 scoop of INTRA HD along with 1 scoop of HD CARBS after my workout as my goal right now is to pack on a little more muscle!


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